Jessel Innovations Partnership husband and wife invented/ introduced the Ecoflap Brand - an ideal "draughty" letter box solution to help SAVE YOU MONEY!

Ecoflap has been available to buy online for the last 18 months. Ecoflap is a draught excluding letterbox cover which fits on the back of an existing horizontal letterbox in an exterior door.

As well as saving on heating costs, the Ecoflap can accommodate larger packages than most current letterbox systems of the same aperture can. This added benefit stems from the absence of brushes, a feature that is very important in these time of internet purchasing trends.

As the product isn't equipped with mechanical parts, the postman is more likely to post packages all the way through rather than leave them wedged part-way through.

The magic happens when Ecoflap falls to the closed position, providing a draughtcutting barrier. The more draught there is, the tighter the seal thus saving on expensive energy costs.


This original successful Ecoflap is the draught-excluder, which retrofits to an existing letter box and is available to the consumer in its own right.

The Complete Letter Box System "Ecoflap Twin" which is coming to the market soon is designed to be a fully integrated letterbox system for doors at manufacturing stage. It shares the same technology as the original Ecoflap, but provides a permanent elegant solution in purchasing trends.

Richard Jessel the Inventor of both products says, " The science behind this revolutionary letterbox system can be applied to many different uses and I have been working on a range of follow-up products, which we plan to launch over the next year or so. We really want to get this letterbox solution out into the mainstream market as we see it as the first in line of many applications for the Patented design.

Products produced from the Jessel Innovations Partnership will now come under "Ecoflaps Ltd."

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